What is 4K CCTV

A lot more pixels mean bigger images and data to transmit and store, so we need to look at what systems can handle.

Under new compression standards for 4k encoding Ultra HD resolution requires at least 12Mbps bandwidth. By comparison, the standard 1080p HD currently being widely used only requires 4 Mbps. 4k puts pressure on the network as recording in the highest resolution means hard work for the system to stream from a camera to the NVR

Streaming 4k over standard ADSL is simply not effective at full frame rate. However, there have been technology advancements in terms of Ethernet, seeing the development of 40 gigabit Ethernet becoming available. This enables the transfer of Ethernet frames at speeds of about 40 gigabits per second, which is suitable for 4k.

Can your network handle the increase huge increase in traffic? We also need to look at graphics cards. Can it handle the significant increase in the flow of data? This is especially important when assessing the technical challenges posed by streaming from multiple 4k cameras.

Once network and the graphics is upgraded, we need somewhere to store the data. Four times the resolution means four times the storage!

Hikvision 4K Solution