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H.265 encoding advantages in CCTV

H.265 is the latest an efficient coding algorithm maintaining the same image quality but reducing the bit rate by 40-50% 

H.264 1080P video compression algorithm is about 4M to 6M, whereas H.265 algorithm requires only about 2M, down by half.

The biggest problem of HD CCTV is bandwidth and storage. Although hard disk storage capacity is very large, the amount of data accumulated over a long time puts pressure of the whole applicationand remains very large. H.265 will be the best solution in big data environments. 

Keep an eye out for a host of new CCTV surveillance equipment using the new H.265 algorithm!


Hikvision Technical Director He Junfeng quotes:

Now the industry with 3G or 4G video signal transmission, 3G bandwidth is typically a few megabits, pass H.264 images on the card was more powerful, but H.265 images can be transmitted smoothly. H.265 has just launched, some Chinese manufacturers have followed, has launched a front-end products, Hikvision is collected from the front to the transport to the storage are introduced and perfected the corresponding products. 

Hikvision believe that within the next 1-2 years the market could quickly around H.265 replacement. Next year will be a lot of new projects will be used on this technology. 

Ultra HD market prospects in the security market 

This year, the security industry has made 4K, HD video surveillance images next trend is super high definition. Hikvision about 4K collected from the front to the transmission, Optical storage have to decode the sound related accessory products. 4K 8MP image pixel horizontal resolution, four times the 1080P. Must adopt a new technological breakthrough compression technology, otherwise it will affect the barrier applications. 12M 4K image about the future use of H.265 can be compressed to about 5 to 6M. Bandwidth is the construction cost, Beeline subscribers increased investment, it will affect the user definition of promotion. Many enterprises will feel the security industry currently has enough HD, Hikvision see farther, think that under the premise of the same price, if the manufacturer of the product performance is more prominent, more perfect, customers will prefer . For manufacturers, still hopes to launch more products and more intelligent performance, only the image is more clear, intelligent analysis algorithm can be more accurate. 

The concept of intelligent security industry for nearly a decade has been called, but has been testing the waters in the promotion stage, slowly began to try all the typical industry. The biggest obstacle is that the resolution is not enough, not up to the requirements. In some scenes now 1080P can solve some problems, but in some big scenes not solve the problem, such as we have said, to solve the problem through higher 4K resolution. In terms of functionality, there are some scenes user needs in this area, for example, wide streets, the scene of a large city surveillance, monitoring of the commanding heights of the city's high-end applications, to have a higher resolution. We now buy 4K TV, video source or SD, the customer experience results get out, no super-high-definition Blue-ray DVD sources. For manufacturers, but still want a higher technical performance to guide the user. Intelligent analysis is something the whole monitoring system Hikvision last year launched Smart IPC, to achieve a pre-function intelligent. There are many intelligent analysis algorithms, but basically the original back-end server, cloud computing to achieve through the entire function, the impact of construction cost, in large projects to apply, the general project irrelevant. Now through intelligent front including HD to give users greater system value. Because the video was originally unstructured, do not see a lot of things, intelligent video analysis by unstructured into structured data, extract valuable information. Video surveillance main goal is two-fold: cars and people. We should focus on the cars and people to extract features, a license plate, a human face. Now after the data and then carry out the Smart branded labels, quick search through the background to improve user efficiency and system value. After originally happened, we must know the time, place, can slowly go check the video, which takes a lot of time and resources. Now after the adoption of intelligent algorithms, some of the key things that need to know the time and place, simply by Smart function can be retrieved. Front of the camera to complete the basic functions of the camera and some typical applications, and then some of the information is added to the stream to go inside to the back of the storage transport, storage and finally put some typical data recorded video simultaneously structured. 

After last year's launch of Hikvision Smart IPC, many vendors are around the core of intelligent front-raised various terms of intelligence analysis concepts. However, although the realization of intelligent Smart IPC front features, but still a single product. By one year to communicate with customers, understand customer needs, combined with their own reflection Hikvision, Hikvision think that a single product can not solve all the problems of users, especially the era of big data, video surveillance points are very much, many thousands of city-level surveillance application, difficult to bring a single product alone can not solve, so Hikvision launched Smart2.0 concept, he is a systems solutions. By intelligent defense, intelligent searching, intelligent integration these functions, not only intelligent analysis functions in the front IPC, back-end storage and system platforms also support this feature. Cloud computing, cloud storage for massive growth in video management Hikvision at some point relatively large median provincial networking platform management has more than ten thousand road, then the traditional storage has not solve the problem, but will also lead to decreased system efficiency. Now the introduction of cloud storage and cloud computing capabilities to quickly resolve, greatly improving efficiency. A county-level data bayonet is almost 100 million, a prefecture-level city data bayonet year is almost 2 billion. In this case the traditional data processing is very slow introduction of cloud computing, there are many features in this breakthrough can be achieved terrific search function. Especially after some typical events, you can quickly know the license plate, to quickly search out its running track, surveillance for the city, if the system is slow to meet the requirements. 

Smart city construction start from smart city surveillance

Because smart city concept is relatively large, the level will be more involved, after landing that these two: one is the people's live, one is the security. Through the smart live of the people is reflected in the public areas, such as cards, medical insurance, bus travel, wisdom and life. A large part of the security of the smart city safe foothold in the city. Whole Safe City from the current anti-terrorism situation is fairly grim environment, the video surveillance is one of the most important as police training can bring many problems to solve, including one of the most direct and effective means of technology. In broad terms, we call smart safe city, certainly an important part of the smart city. Hikvision significant effort currently or in the city as the purpose of peace around the safe construction of the city to improve the products and solutions.

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