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Hikvision Changes Due to Chrome Browser Update

In September 2015, Google Chrome will discontinue support of NPAPI plugins. As explained on the official Google Chrome blog, “today’s browsers are speedier, safer, and more capable than their ancestors. Meanwhile, NPAPI’s 90s-era architecture has become a leading cause of hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity. Because of this, Chrome will be phasing out NPAPI support.” NPAPI plugins will not work on Chrome version 42 and higher.

Because Hikvision is committed to providing safe and effective solutions to our customers, we are working to update the firmware for our products so they will be compatible with Chrome going forward. This solution, which will require a firmware upgrade on DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras, will be rolled out in phases as outlined below. During this transition period, our products will continue to operate with other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

Firmware Release Schedule to Resolve Chrome Compatibility:

ST series NVR DS-76/77/85/86/95/9600NI-ST : End of November 2015
DS-76/7700NI-SP : End of November 2015
DS-95/9600NI-RT : End of November 2015
DS-9600NI-XT : End of November 2015
E series NVR DS-7600NI-Ex(/P)(/N) : End of November 2015
DS-7700NI-Ex(/P) : End of November 2015
DS-8600NI-Ex : End of November 2015
Turbo DVR DS-71/72/73/81/9000HQ(G)HI-SH : End of November 2015
DS-71/7200HGHI-Ex End : of November 2015
IP Camera DS-2CD2xx2 : End of October 2015