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Pyronix MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE Wireless Contact + Shock Sensor with 2-Zone Input

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Pyronix MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE Wireless Contact + Shock Sensor with 2-Zone Input

Our all-in-one shock, contact and universal transmitter 
The MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE is our new, wireless magnetic contact and shock sensor with two zone inputs for flexible set-up. Designed for internal use, the Grade 2 device offers a magnetic reed contact, an accelerometer shock sensor, as well as universal transmitter functionality with two zone inputs and one tamper input, all in one housing. The new device delivers Enforcer and EURO (with a ZEM) compatibility, enhanced installation and calibration, and an aesthetically pleasing design;

  • Our all-in-one shock, contact and universal transmitter
  • Compatible with Enforcer or EURO (with a ZEM)
  • Superior security with two-way wireless technology
  • Universal transmitter
  • Enhanced installation and calibration
  • Adaptable, optimised & stylish

Universal transmitter
The device features two zone and one tamper input for adding devices via double pole wiring. The MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE is compatible with any device that has a volt free relay that switches state when the device is triggered or tampered. External devices could include anything from water leak sensors to wired alarm devices, like a wired roller shutter contact or panic alarm buttons.

With the MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE, there’s no longer a detection chamber to calibrate in the ‘up’ position, instead, the orientation of the device is automatic, allowing it to be installed at any angle

Central reed location
The central location of the reed optimises installation by removing any chance of mispositioning the contact magnet when fitting. To make things even easier, and to further optimise installation, the device comes with diagnostic LEDs to assist in setting up the magnet gap.

Enhanced installation and calibration
The MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE PCB is encased in the front of the sensor, along with the batteries, so there’s no need to open the device to configure the PCB on install and there’s nothing to unscrew for battery replacement, making installation and maintenance easy! There’s a pinhole button on the front of the device for calibrating the shock sensitivity with ease, too. Holding the button cycles through increments 1 to 5, with 1 offering the least sensitivity and 5 offering the most.

300m Transmission range
The high sensitivity receiver allows a wireless signal range of up to 300m in open space, eliminating the need for repeaters and reducing installation costs.

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