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Hikvision 2-Wire HD Video Intercom
Hikvision AX PRO Wireless Alarm System

4CH IP over Coax Extender. Long-Range PoE & PoE+ CCTV distance up to 2500m

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NV-JXIPVE604-POC/POE 4 Channel IP over Coax Video Extender
Suitable for  PoE (15.4W) PoE+ (30W) & High Power PoE (60W)
Ideal for Locating CCTV Cameras requiring PoE power a long distance away

Designed for extending Network Signal & Power over Coax Cable (RG59) to a maximum distance of 2500m (600m with power). The extender has 4 BNC connectors supporting 4 Channels at the same time, each channel supporting @4-6 IP Cameras, with a max of 50watts of power per channel, network max rate of 100Mbps. Widely used in CCTV surveillance for PoE IP Cameras.
Min 2x Units required per setup: 1 to act as a Sender & 1 to act as a Receiver

  • Long range Ethernet, POE & PoE+ over Coax Cable RG59
  • Transmit 10/100Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet up to 2500m or more
  • PoE Power up to 120W - enough for up to 20+ IP cameras (units daisy-chained)
  •  supports PoE+(30W) & High PoE(60W) PTZ Cameras e.g 8" Hkvision Darkfighter PTZ Cameras
  • Power, Data & Control IP PTZ Cameras long distance using a single Coax cable
  • Use standard BNC Connectors and BNC-T's to split off different cameras
  • Fully automatic, simple to install and maintenance-free
  • Transient Protection, Industrial temperature range, Lightning & Surge Protection
  • Advaned 128-bit AES encrypted transmission
  • Internal use Only

Some Example Scenarios:

8 IP Cameras
CH1~CH4: 2x POE IP Cameras on each channel @6.5watts each
16 IP Cameras
CH1~CH4: 4x POE IP Cameras on each channel @6.5watts each
15 IP Cameras and 1 PoE+ PTZ camera
CH1~CH3: 4x PoE IP Cameras + CH4: 1x PoE+ PTZ Camera @30W
28 IP Cameras and 2 PoE+ PTZ camera
CH1~CH3: 4x IP Cameras + CH4: to Extender2:
Extender2: CH1~CH3: 4x IP Cameras + CH4 to 2CH Extender3 + PSU
Extender3: CH1 4x IP Cameras + CH2 2x PTZ Cameras

Power supplies will be required for PoE transmission (not included) (Max 2 per system)
(i) 24W Power Supply
(i) 120W Power Supply

Compatible with the 2CH Extender

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