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IP over Coax Extender / Converter to 220m, Supports 8MP (4K) IP Cameras

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Netview IP Camera Extender over Coax with Surge Protection
upto 220m @10/100Mbps using Coaxial RG59 Cable 

8MP (4K) IP Camera compatible
Ideal for upgrading existing analogue CCTV to an IP System

The Netview NV-JXIPB extender is an Ethernet over co-axial video solution. It has a standard RJ-45 network connector one side and a co-axial BNC connector on the other. They are used in pairs and installing them is extremely simple. One unit is connected to each end of the co-axial cable with the BNC connectors thus providing a straight RJ45 to RJ45 network connection from end to end across the existing cabling. This connection instantly operates as a half/full-duplex 100BaseT Ethernet connection and is completely transparent to any network device. The device has no MAC address or IP address and requires no power or set-up whatsoever 

The Netview NV-JXIPB Extender turns any analogue video cable into a high-speed network connection. This allows the replacement of analogue cameras with IP cameras without installation of any new cabling, which can save substantial system cost.

Netview NV-JXIPB Key features:

  • Uses legacy analogue video cabling cutting installation costs
  • High transfer speed allows megapixel cameras or multiple IP cameras to run across a single co-ax cable connection
  • Fully transparent. Will fully support any network device &. non-detectable on the network
  • Fast & Easy to install. The device requires no network configuration, has no IP or MAC address
  • Can operate at  full speed of 10/100mbps at lengths of 220m
  • Supports 8MP (4K) IP Cameras
  • Auto adapts. Where cable length, quality or interference prevents full rate operation the device will auto-adapt lowering the total bandwidth as necessary
  • Designed to fit inside camera housings and use the camera power supply
  • Built in Surge Protection
  • High Quality & performance

Applications: IP Video, CCTV, Networking, Transportation, Elevators & mechanisms, Basically anywhere there's Coax!