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Relay Module Hikvision AX Pro DS-PM1-O1L-WE

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Ax Pro DS-PM1-O1L-WE Relay Module
2-way wireless communication, Automation operating, one button turn on/off from APP/Keyfob/Keypad, can be used as zone input for alarm 7 VDC to 24 VDC

Relay Module is a remote control of Low current equipment, it is used to active electric locks, rolling shutters, blinds and other low current output

Ax Pro DS-PM1-O1L-WE Relay Module is a wireless relay powered by a source of 7V dc to 24V dc with a dry contact with no potential intended to turn devices on and off. The relay also has a pulse equipment control function. The dry contacts of the integrated relay are not galvanically connected to the device itself, so they can be connected to the input control circuits of different equipment, imitating a button, a switch, etc. The voltages allowed by this contact are from 0 to 36V dc (5A).

The Relay module can be used to power different charges (sirens, water shutdown valves, electromagnetic locks). The miniature body of the device allows it to be installed in a junction box, an electrical array or switching unit boxes. The device relay closes and opens to order via the Hik-Connectapp. The feasibility of automatic relay activation/deactivation in response to armament or system disarmament has also been implemented.

How the relay works:

  • Bistable - the relay works in switching mode closing/ opening contact terminals
  • Pulse - the relay closes / opens the contact terminals for a specified period of time
  • 1 ch low current output and 1 ch wired tamper input
  • Supports automation operation, one button to turn on/off from App/ Keyfob /
  • Multiple linkage solutions: triggered by Zone Alarm, by Arm/Disarm/Away/Clear Alarm, by Faults, by Manually, by Schedule
  • 868MHz two-way wireless communication
  • AES-128 encryption
  • LED display, show status of device and replay on/off display
  • Small case design, which can be put into hiding places easily
  • Setting scenarios by different events
  • With one tamper input, can be used as zone input for alarm

2 Year Comprehensive Hikvision RTB Warranty Included
AX Pro can be used with HIK-Connect (end users) & HIK-ProConnect (installers) Apps

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