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8xHDMI DS-6908UDI(B) [email protected] Hikvision 4K Decoder

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(THIS LISTING is to purchase the DS-6908UDI(B) Decoder)

Hikvision DS-6908UDI(B) 4K Decoder with 8xHDMI out

Hikvision DS-6900UDI Series Decoders:
These Decoders are equipped with powerful capabilities and can manage a flexible display of IP cameras on multiple screens and LCD video walls. Designed for the high-definition video monitoring systems, DS-6900UDI Decoders are developed on the basis of embedded hardware platform, ensuring high reliability and stability of system running. DS-6900UDI Series Decoders are capable of simultaneous decoding video for [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] simultaneous decoding, and outputting decoded video via BNC, VGA, or HDMI interfaces, and it also supports multiple video stream formats like H.265, H.264+, Hik264, H.264 and MPEG4. The decoded video can be displayed on video wall or large screens.

    • Provides HDMI (adaptable to DVI-D) and BNC output interfaces.
    • Up to 4K (3840 × [email protected]) via HDMI output interfaces (only for odd interface).
    • H.265+/H.265, H.264+/H.264, Hik264, MPEG4 and MJPEG video compression.
    • PS, RTP, TS, ES, HIK encapsulation formats.
    • Three encoding levels: baseline, main, and high-profile.
    • G.722, G711A, G726, G711U, MPEG2-L2, and AAC audio compression.
    • Two decoding modes: active decoding and passive decoding.
    • Remote video files' decoding output.
    • Supports two-way audio via client software.
    • Provides VGA and DVI input interfaces.
    • Supports window opening, window roaming and window split.
    • Supports multi-screen control with PC installed with RSC server.
    • Gets stream and decodes via URL and RTSP from encoding devices.
    • Displays the decoded video stream on the video wall by directly linking cameras or by stream media forwarding.
    • You can configure what the video wall shows when decoding ends and streaming fails via the Web browser and client software.
    • Configurable LED width and height parameters when the LED is connected.
    • Regular and irregular virtual screen configurable to display multiple signal sources and get rid of the restriction of physical screen.
    • Accessible by 2.4 MP DeepinView camera.
    • Accessible by thermal network camera and you can view the temperature measurement, dynamic fire source detection, ship detection and VCA information in live view and playback.
    • You can enable or disable the smart information for the thermal network camera.
    • Two-way audio.
    • Port aggregation technology (Ethernet Channel)

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