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Veracity VHW-HWPS-B4-LL HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 Linklock

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Veracity VHW-HWPS-B4-LL HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 Linklock

LINKLOCK technology provides secure tamper-proof network connections over coax cable

LINKLOCK options are available in Veracity’s high performance HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 and Base 8 Ethernet and POE over coax devices.

LINKLOCK provides a secure barrier to unauthorised access to your network

LINKLOCK detects any disconnection/reconnection or tampering with any part of the cabling between the Base unit and the IP camera or other POE device.

When Is LINKLOCK Required ?

Any externally mounted IP cameras potentially leave an exposed network connection which could be used by attackers to access the rest of the network - to disable the surveillance system for example. This may also expose the corporate network as this is often bridged to the surveillance network. LINKLOCK prevents such attacks by completely disconnecting power and data for that channel whenever it detects a cable disconnection or reconnection or even any tampering such as “tapping in” to the coax or network cables.

How Does LINKLOCK Work ?

LINKLOCK works by constantly monitoring the POE power connection and data transmissions. It can detect even subtle changes or interruptions in the data transmission characteristics which will trigger disconnection and alarm, whilst remaining extremely robust against false alarms.

Once triggered and disconnected, the channel can be re-established via the reset pins after suitable action is taken to determine the cause of the alarm (i.e. a possible attacker).

HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base LINKLOCK Option

LINKLOCK is available as an option on Veracity’s HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 and Base 8 models of Ethernet and POE over coax adaptors. The Base unit accepts external power via a POE switch or a DC power supply.

It sends power over the coax link to the Camera unit. The camera unit in turn provides POE (Power-overEthernet) to the IP camera.

See HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 or Base 8 datasheets for full information on HIGHWIRE.

LINKLOCK Protection

LINKLOCK provides protection to both the coaxial cable and the Ethernet cable connecting the IP camera to the HIGHWIRE Camera unit (sections A and B in the diagram opposite). LINKLOCK disconnection (blocking mode) is triggered when:

  • The coaxial cable A is disconnected
  • The Ethernet cable B is disconnected
  • The coaxial cable A is disrupted
  • The Ethernet cable B is disrupted

Note that having a secure or encrypted link over the coax alone does not prevent intrusion as the Ethernet link to the camera would still be open and unsecured without LINKLOCK.

When blocking mode is enabled, all external equipment is immediately isolated from the internal LAN. The internally-located HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base 4 or 8 unit will :

  • Remove POE Power from the coaxial cable (this disconnects and switches off the HIGHWIRE Camera unit and IP camera)
  • Completely disable its coaxial network interface for the triggered channel only
  • Close the alarm relay contact and indicate the alarm channel with a red LED

Restoring the Connection

LINKLOCK blocking mode is constant until reset. For complete security it cannot be reversed through the external network or coaxial interface. The HIGHWIRE LINKLOCK Base unit must be physically reset through the reset pins on the alarm interface connections. A push-button or relay is normally wired to the reset pins. If desired, network-controlled relay devices may be used to allow remote reset from any secure part of the network.

Typically, the camera disconnection would be used to trigger an alarm within the VMS (Video Management System) or NVR (Network Video Recorder).


  • Tamper-proof Ethernet and POE over coax
  • 8 tamper-proof channels per Base unit
  • Tampering or interference with cabling shuts down channel
  • Relay contact alarm output on tamper, with reset pins
  • 32 POE or POE Plus channels in 1U with four Base units
  • Automatic configuration for simple installation
  • Full duplex 100Base-TX performance on each coax