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Hikvision HikCentral ANPR Camera Connection Software

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Single ANPR Camera Connection

License plate number capturing and storage; Search for videos and pictures based on License plate No, time and cameras; Black&White detection and list management; Vehicle Counting Report.

HikCentral Professional is a flexible, scalable, reliable and powerful central surveillance system. It can be delivered after pre-installed on Dell server. HikCentral Professional provides central management, information sharing, convenient connection and multi-service cooperation. It is capable of adding devices for management, live view, storage and playback of video files, alarm linkage, access control, time and attendance, facial identification, and so on.

Key Components

  • System Management Service (SYS)
  • Application Data Service (ADS)
  • Streaming Service (Optional)
  • Web Client/Control Client/Mobile Client

*A Base Pack License is required prior to purchasing additional licenses

Licence Purchase Terms: The License which is delivered electronically by the issue of a Product Key. there s no physical medium sent. Once purchased the license cannot be cancelled or returned. There is no right of cancellation in the case of Software Licenses. 

  • The digital software License is delivered electronically and cannot be returned.
  • Any Product Keys issued to activate the software cannot be rescinded once issued.
  • The software is available free of charge to download, install, trial and assess for suitability prior to purchase.
  • The terms of use of the software stipulate the software is for business users only.