WD Purple drive

“The global video surveillance market is expanding with the increased accessibility for easy-to-use systems for small businesses and municipalities,” said Barber Brinkman, Senior Sales Manager Europe at WD. “WD optimized the WD Purple line of hard drives for NVR digital surveillance systems, with a new WD Purple NV model, to improve high-definition video playback for high-camera-count applications, with the ability to record 64 streams on a single drive. NVR surveillance systems can produce incredible amounts of data which makes the WD Purple NV hard drives a perfect solution for NVR systems needing high quality recording and playback and high capacity storage.”  

Main features
WD Purple and WD Purple NV hard drives are equipped with an array of exclusive WD technologies, including:

  • AllFrame™ - When combined with ATA streaming support, AllFrame™ technology helps to reduce video footage loss with a proprietary cache policy management technology to help improve data flow and playback. WD Purple includes exclusive firmware upgrades that protect against video pixilation and interruptions within a surveillance system. WD Purple is available in 1TB to 6TB and WD Purple NV on 4TB & 6TB.
  • WD Purple drives can be used in disk arrays from 1 up to a maximum of 8 drives, were as WD Purple NV drives can be used in systems starting from 8 up to many.