NVR/DVR Firmware release V3.3.1

NVR/DVR Firmware release V3.3.1 Supports new features like LPR, Heat mapping, People count and some other nice features.

IPC Firmware release V5.3.0 Supports new features like Unattended Baggage Detection, 128GB SD card support and some other nice features

NVR/DVR Firmware release V3.3.1

LPR (License Plate Recognition) 

  • NVR provides a complete intergraded solution with the LPR camera
  • 14 countries supported
  • Black and white list management
  • Filter, play and export pictures or video
  • Export LPR data into Excel format
  • SDK for integration is available

Face Detection

  • The NVR creates a thumbnail overview of faces linked to the related video clip
  • Find, play and export pictures and video clips within seconds

People Counting

  • NVR can create statistic report from iDS people counting camera
  • Export data into Excel format (Daily, weekly or monthly)

Heat Map

  • NVR in combination with iDS heat map camera can provide a picture with a heat map overlay
  • Export to jpeg format (Daily, weekly or monthly)

QR code

  • A QR code can be generated by the recorder
  • And contains all related information to add the device on the local network (iVMS4500)

Corridor mode

  • Recorder support corridor mode from IP cameras

Multi timeframe playback (single channel)

  • Playback one channel in multi-view, time divided

Fast forward playback (smart)  

  • Play event video in normal speed and up to 16x high speed between the events