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Hikvision iVMS-4200 V2.4.1.3 Windows


  1. Add the Online Users check function in Device Management.

  2. Change the heat value unit in heat mapping to time, displaying as second, or minute, or hour, or day.

  3. Add the Key QR Code generating function when resetting password in the SADP module.

  4. Use the NVR’s password as the IPC’s if necessary when resetting the NVR’s password.

  5. Add one-touch CVR configuration and one-touch SAN configuration of CVR devices.

  6. Support the protocol type HRUDP.

  7. Support recording in dual streams.

  8. Support CVR alarm message.

  9. Support two adding methods for security control panel devices: IP Server and HiDDNS.

  10. In License Plate Retrieval, Face Retrieval, and Behavior Analysis, add Export Picture function and original picture display function.

  11. Remove the 4200 web client.

  12. Add alarm input triggered recording playback in Remote Playback.

  13. Maximum supported number of video intercom products change: 16 door stations, and 512 indoor stations/master stations.

  14. Support multi-language. 29 languages are supported: Chinese, English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greece, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, French, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Croatian, Slovenia, Serbian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Download iVMS-4200 PC Surveillance software V2.4.1.3 HERE

Download iVMS-4200 V2.4.1.3 Release Notes HERE