Hikvision H.264+ Encoding Technology White Paper

Massive video data requires increased storage capacity, and the popularity of highdefinition video with growing bitrates and resolutions demands higher capacity devices and increased system costs. To resolve this problem, surveillance manufacturers use the latest video compression technologies, including MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264/AVC, etc., among which H.264/AVC, as the most popular compression standard, has become the main implemented compression technology. Compared to normal videos, surveillance video has the following characteristics: • Background information stays mostly constant and rarely changes • Moving objects may appear only sporadically for a substantial portion of time • The viewer focuses primarily on the moving objects in the scene • 24-hour non-stop surveillance has an impact on storage requirements • Video noise has a relatively big impact on quality and storage requirements Hikvision’s enhancement of H.264 is an innovative encoding technology aimed at surveillance video. It greatly lowers the video bitrate to save implementation costs.

Hikvision H.264+ Encoding Technology diagram

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