Embrace the Hikvision Easy IP 3.0 Evolution

Hikvision Launch All New EasyIP 3.0 Product Range

Embrace the Easy IP 3.0 Evolution

Now that’s a plus
We develop state-of-the-art IP technologies for the hardened digital addicts. This year will see the introduction of the new Easy IP 3.0 product line, boasting the first Hikvision cameras to support H.265+, our own remarkable and innovative encoding technology based on the H.265/HEVC standard. This intelligent, in-house developed algorithm is optimized to address the typical features of standard surveillance videos:

• Static, unchanging background information.
• Limited number of appearances of moving subjects.
• Viewer mainly focuses on the moving subjects.
• A relatively large impact of noise on image quality due to 24/7 surveillance.

Hikvision H.265+ Smart Codec
Providing the intelligence behind a new range of cameras and NVRs, the EasyIP 3.0 range delivers superior video performance across a wide range of parameters utilizing the H.265+ smart codec algorithm. By addressing the archiving of unnecessary elements within surveillance scenes; such as static backgrounds, limited moving subjects, and the impact of noise in nighttime video surveillance, Hikvision’s H.265+ technology reduces by over 50% (compared to standard H.265) the amount of required bandwidth, storage and associated costs.  

4K Ultra-HD Video
By virtue of its vastly efficient compression technology, H.265+ promotes the use of ultra HD video surveillance solutions using 4K cameras, as well as 2, 3, 5 and 8 megapixel models – which are all available in the Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 range. 

To help deliver the ultimate imaging performance in a variety of real-world lighting conditions, including variable light, high contrast or light deficient scenarios, all cameras in the new EasyIP 3.0 range have been equipped with 120dB True WDR. The camera range also features Hikvision EXIR 2.0 with Smart IR capability, 3D DNR and Darkfighter ultra-low illumination technology - providing superior colour rendered images even in extreme low light scenes. 

Enhanced VCA Functions
Within the EasyIP 3.0 range, new cameras additions also provide greater analytical functionality than previous generations, featuring on-board Video Content Analysis (VCA) options to trigger automatic alarm activations. Standard VCA functionality includes Line Crossing Detection, Intrusion Detection, Object Removal Detection, Unattended Baggage Detection, and Face Detection, significantly reducing operator input resulting in more efficient and effective security systems management.

More Usable and Durable
Designed to cope with the harshest of operating conditions, many camera models in the new Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 range are fully protected from dust and water, certified to IP67 and vandal resistant to IK10 standard. In addition, PoE up to 300 metres ensures maximum installation flexibility, with the entire EasyIP 3.0 range providing high levels of security, control, and cost-effective analogue, IP, or mixed system solutions.

When the lights are low
Still, high resolution does not always equal good image quality; video surveillance cameras need to perform under all sorts of conditions, including variable light, high contrast, or light deficiency. For this reason, all cameras of the new Easy IP 3.0 line have been equipped with a 120 dB True WDR. On top of that, several of our 2 and 3 MP models are equipped with Darkfighter technology, which produces excellent color images even in low light conditions. 

Our new cameras have gotten much smarter too. They provide more analytical functions than the previous generation and standard have VCA options aboard like: 

• Line Crossing Detection: crossing a pre-defined virtual line triggers the alarm. Up to 4 pre-defined virtual lines are supported.
• Intrusion Detection: entering and loitering in a pre-defined virtual area triggers the alarm. Up to 4 pre-defined virtual areas are supported. 
• Object Removal Detection: objects removed from a pre-defined area trigger the alarm, such as the exhibits on display.
• Unattended Baggage Detection: objects left alone in a pre-defined area, such as baggage, purses, or potentially dangerous materials, trigger the alarm.
• Face detection 

These features significantly support the functioning and management of a security system with a large number of cameras on site. 

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