New Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Firmware V4 Released

Baseline Firmware Turbo HD DVR V4.1.0 build 180530

Reason of Upgrade

  • Release new AcuSense models: iDS-7316HUHI-K4/16S, iDS-9016HUHI-K8/16S;
  • Release GUI 4.0 interface;
  • Add some new functions, modify some functions, enhance products quality and meet customer requirements.


  • For DS-7204HUHI-K1/P & DS-7208/16HUHI-K2/P, please don’t upgrade the firmware from V3.5.50 directly to the released version, otherwise they will be defaulted.
  • The released version is mainly for AcuSense DVR & GUI 4.0 interface. It’s not suggested to upgrade other models to this version with a purpose of troubleshooting.

Main Features

i. New GUI 4.0 interface.

ii. Release new AcuSense models: iDS-7316HUHI-K4/16S, iDS-9016HUHI-K8/16. At most 16 analog + IP channels false alarm filtering function is supported for region intrusion & line crossing event;

1. Enable Intrusion Detection and set rules.

2. Select Human or Vehicle to filter.
iii. Search by picture is support. You can upload a picture from local USB drive to AcuSense DVR, and search related human body picture stored in DVR based on the similarity.

Note: the uploaded picture should be 20KB~4MB with JPG or JPEG format.

           Please configure Picture Recognition function for related channel before you search by picture.


iv. Thumbnail playback function is supported for 73/90HUH-K,73/90HUH-k/16S and 73/80/81/90HQH-SH while watching the playback in one channel. 9 thumbnail pictures will be displayed while watching the playback and leaving the mouse in the progress bar.

v. Fast browsing in playback function is added. Drag the progress bar while watching playback and related picture will be displayed. You can see this picture while watching or pausing;

vi. All channels could disable analog signal for IP signal inputting.

vii. Optimize local hik-connect function. If the hik-connect status is online, you can click check update for the device to search & upgrade the latest firmware. If no firmware or HDD is found, it would indicate that it’s already the latest version.

viii. Live view permission function is added for local administrator account. If it’s not been enabled, the channel would be blank.

ix. New password resetting method is added after device activation by answering questions.

1. All three questions are required to set.

2. Click Forget Password while logging locally, you can retrieve the password by answering the questions.

x. The upper left logo for GUI 4.0 interface is displayed as HVR 4.0;

Modified Functions

i. Newly add reminder that H.265 recording do not support backup of AVI format.

ii. Fix the issue that the main stream recording and the sub-stream of IPC don’t have watermark.

iii. Fix the issue that the web can’t get TCP stream.

iv. Other issues fixed.


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