NEW Hikvision NVR Firmware V3.4.2 with Pattern Unlock

New Features

1. [Multi-language]
Support Latvian and Lithuanian in multi-language firmware version.

2. [HDD]
Support encryption hard disks of WD: WD2000FYYZ-31, WD3000FYYZ-31, WD4000FYYZ-31.

3. [Keyboard]
User can control 3D PTZ function through network keyboard.

4. [Fisheye expansion]
Support fisheye expansion, expansion modes include PTZ, 180° expansion, 360° expansion.

5. [Security]
Support quick unlocking the device with pattern. This function is optional, user can edit it via Menu-Configuration-User-Edit.

6. [IPC management]
User can view the password of IPC connected to NVR by enabling IP channel password is visible

7. [Playback]

  1. Smart Playback mode is combined with Normal mode. User can choose smart event type in the left bottom corner. 
  2. When user puts mouse on the progress bar, thumbnails will be shown, the playback can jump to a particular period by clicking the thumbnail. 
  3. In single frame playback mode, user can view reverse and forward playback by rolling the mouse wheel. 
  4. New progress bar unit for selection: 30mins, 1h, 2h, 6h, 24h. 
  5. New digital zoom function: After clicking the digital zoom button, user can control zoom in and zoom out function by rolling the mouse wheel, drag the screen to show different area.

8. [Email]
Support TLS email protocol, NVR can connect to SMTP server which only supports TLS protocol.

9. [Web Playback]
In web playback interface, user can search events with toolbar in the left bottom corner. Event types include motion detection, line crossing detection and intrusion detection. Web playback supports new digital zoom function and single frame playback with mouse wheel control.

10. [HDD]
I series NVR supports RAID size larger than 16T.

11. [GUI]
In live view interface, ‘unsupported stream type’ hint will be shown if the stream doesn’t match NVR’s decoding standard (compressing, resolution).


1. [Security] The new account created can’t be named as ‘admin’ or ‘root’.
2. [GUI] The compressing format’s name is modified from S264 to H264 for H264 stream.
3. [Decoding] For DS-7608NI-Ex/xP and DS-7708NI-E4/8P NVR, the decoding capacity is adjusted to 5-ch 1080P to increase the stability of NVR.


1. [System] Increase NVR’s stability when remote web client connects and disconnects NVR frequently.
2. [Heat Map] Increase NVR’s compatibility with heat map data uploaded by fisheye IPC.

Supported Product List:
Note: ALL NVR's sold by will be updated and shipped with the latest firmware pre installed.

I series NVR DS-7600NI-I2 DS-7600NI-I2/8P(16P) DS-7700NI-I4 DS-7700NI-I4/16P DS-9632/64NI-I8 DS-9632/64NI-I16

E series NVR DS-76xxNI-E1 DS-76xxNI-E1/xP DS-76xxNI-E1/xN DS-76xxNI-E2 DS-76xxNI-E2/xP DS-76xxNI-E2/xN DS-77xxNI-E4 DS-77xxNI-E4/xP

Download the Full details in the V3.4.2 Firmware Release Notes PDF HERE

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