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Network PTZ Dome Camera Firmware Version V5.3.12


Support sub stream image capture.
1) The resolution of sub stream is much lower, which will decrease the storage. Go to Configuration → Storage → Schedule Settings → Capture Schedule → Advanced → Stream Type, select the sub stream. Notice to click ‘Save’ after changing the parameters.
2) Refresh the page after setting the sub stream, then there’ll be resolution type of sub stream at capture parameters settings.

Support display online users list function on browser and client software.
1) The online users list will show the information of the users who have connected to the device, including number, user name, level, IP address and operation time.
2) Click refresh button to refresh the current users. The client software support refresh automatically within 15s. The IE client only support refresh manually.
3) Online users detection detects all the operation to the device, including live view, playback, record, log in the client software, log in SDK, configuration by IE client, connect with a third party platform. If a user doesn’t request for more than 3 minutes, the user information will be deleted from the list.
4) It will display only one piece of information of two users which have the same IP address and user name.
5) The list could list up to 30 online users.

Add PTZ control panel and capture button to every configuration page which has the preview window.

Support menu shortcut, one-touch Patrol and one-touch Park.
1) Menu shortcut: Touch the menu button to call the OSD menu. Touch it again to exit OSD menu.
2) One-touch Patrol: This button have the same function of preset 45. Touch this button to add preset No.1 to No.32 to the patrol 8 and enable patrol 8.
3) One-touch Park: Touch the button to enable park function and park preset 32. At the same time, it will set the current position to preset 32. If the preset 32 has been defined, it’ll redefine preset 32 to current position.

Support direction setting function.
1) Go to PTZ → position settings.
2) Set as north: Click to set current position to north.
3) Point to North: Click to point the PTZ camera to the North position set before.
4) GPS: You can set the location information manually.
5) Go to PTZ → Basic settings → PTZ OSD, you can choose position display format to direction, which will display the direction information on the OSD.

Add digital zoom button to the toolbar of the main page

1) When configuring the scheduled day/night switch, the end time could be earlier than the start time. The end time can be recognized to the time of next day.
2) Disable anonymous visit function.

Compatibility Update

  • HIKCGI version: V2.0; 
  • PSIA version: V1.1; 
  • ONVIF version: V2.4; 
  • NUUO: Version: V6.0.5, drive version: V4.5; 
  •  Milestone:
    1) Milestone Enterprise 8.1a(8.6d), Milestone drive version (Driver 8.1),
    2) Milestone software version (Milestone Corporate 7.0d), Milestone drive version (Driver 8.1), 
  • Avigilon Control Center: V5.6.0.28; 
  • Excaqvision: V7.2.1.85489 
  • Genetec Omnicast: 4.8 SR8

Supported Product List

DS-2DF8236I-AEL(W) 2MP Ultra-low Light Smart PTZ Camera
DS-2DF8223I-AEL(W) 2MP Ultra-low Light Smart PTZ Camera
DS-2DF7286-A/D/AW/AEL 2MP IR Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF7284-A/D/AW/AEL 2MP IR Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF7276-A/D/AW/AEL 1.3MP IR Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF7274-A/D/AW/AEL 1.3MP IR Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF7230I5-AEL 2MP 30X Network Laser PTZ Dome Camera
DS-2DF727A-A 1MP IR Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF6236I-AEL 2MP Ultra-low Light Smart PTZ Camera
DS-2DF6223I-AEL 2MP Ultra-low Light Smart PTZ Camera
DS-2DF5286-A/D/AEL 2MP Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF5284-A/D/AEL 2MP Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF5276-A/D/AEL 1.3MP Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF5274-A/D/AEL 1.3MP Network Speed Dome
DS-2DF527A-A 1MP Network Speed Dome

Network PTZ Dome Camera Firmware Version: V5.3.12 build151225 Release Note Download HERE

Network PTZ Dome Camera Firmware Version: V5.3.12 build151225 Download Firmware HERE