Hikvision IP Camera IPC Firmware V5.4.5 Released

Warning Notice:

WARNING: Please note that this firmware will not support HiDDNS. If you use the HiDDNS service, you must convert to our new Hik-Connect service before performing this firmware upgrade. Before proceeding, make a record of your devices’ IP addresses and ports information. Then register a new Hik-Connect account by using the Web portal at or Hik-Connect mobile app, iVMS-4500 from the IOS App store/Google Play.  For more details, please kindly go to

Main Updates:

1.      Remove HiDDNS, IPServer;

2.      Newly add Hik-Connect service, support Hik-Connect domain and alarm push service;

3.      Hik-Connect is disabled as default

4.      Verification code creation required when enable Hik-Connect service at the first time;

5.      Other changes

For more details, please refer to the corresponding firmware release notes.

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