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Hikvision IP Camera Firmware V5.3.0

Support models:
DS-2CD2012-I, DS-2CD2032-I, DS-2CD2112-I, DS-2CD2132-I, DS-2CD2212-I3/I5, DS-2CD2232-I3/I5, DS-2CD2312-I, DS-2CD2332-I, DS-2CD2412F-I(W), DS-2CD2432F-I(W), DS-2CD2512F-I(S)(W), DS-2CD2532F-I(S), DS-2CD2612F-I(S) , DS-2CD2632F-I(S) ,DS-2CD2712F-I(S) , DS-2CD2732F-I(S) , DS-2CD2022-I, DS-2CD2112F-I(W)(S), DS-2CD2122F-I(W)(S), DS-2CD2132F-I(W)(S), DS-2CD2422F-I(W), DS-2CD2522F-I(W), DS-2CD2622F-I(S), DS-2CD2722F-I(S), DS-2CD2T12-I3(I5), DS-2CD2T22-I3(I5), DS-2CD2T32-I3(I5)


1. Password creating is required before using the camera (web browser, client software and SADP software are optional);

2. Password strength prompts(Risk,Weak, Medium, Strong) in web browser, client software and SADP software, and risk password is not permitted;

3. Telnet access is no longer available;

4. Lock the remote IP addresses for 30 minutes once login with wrong username or password after several times;

5. Default IP address has been changed to;

6. Can not be downgraded to lower firmare version;

7. For more details, please refer to our release notes.

Note: IPC with firmware V5.3.0 or above version are recommended to work with NVR V3.3.0 or above version.

Firmware V5.3.0 Release Note (New).pdf