DDNS Services supported by Hikvision

An internet connected device (camera, DVR, NVR) can be configured to be accessed from outside its local network. Using an IP address allocated by the internet provider, the end user is able to connect to this device. Internet services for non-enterprise solutions commonly provide a dynamic IP address to its users. The lack of a static IP address means the user must reconfigure their device connection settings every time a new IP address is allocated. Managing multiple devices will prove difficult if IP addresses are constantly changing. This issue can be solved by using a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) Service. A fixed address is assigned by the DDNS service provider that can be used to connect to the desired device. The device itself must be configured with the DDNS credentials so that it may automatically update the service with the newly allocated IP address. Through this service, devices under dynamic IP addresses can maintain static addresses. Hikvision products support a number of third party DDNS services in addition to HiDDNS/Hik-Connect

Supported Third Party DDNS Services
Third party DDNS service support for Hikvision products consists of both free and subscription based services:
1. No-IP (Free, optional subscription available).
2. DynDNS (Subscription required).
Third party DDNS services may provide different features based on subscription tiers. For example, No-IP’s free subscription requires confirmation of hostnames every 30 days in addition to a limit of 3 hostnames. Depending on the end user’s setup and application, not all subscription tiers may be appropriate

 No-IP DDNS Configuration guide with Hikvision Devices


DynDNS Configuration guide with Hikvision Devices