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Network IP Column Speaker Netgenium ASP7204-IP PoE Powered

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Netgenium ASP7204-IP Active IP Column Speaker
Simple to install & configure via a web browser

PoE Powered:
10W output using IEEE802.3af PoE (15.4W) input
25W output using IEEE802.3at PoE+ (30W) input

Deploy an audio PA system over an IP Network with Netgenium IP Speakers and make paging announcements via an IP Telephone system or PC.

The IP Speaker offers interoperability between Cisco Call Manager for Audio announcements using G.711 audio, and the ability to ‘pipe’ background music from a multicast audio source.Integrate speakers with Netgenium’s PolicyServer and NGx consoles applications and make targeted paging announcements to an individual or group of individuals within a specific ‘Zone’ in your building.

By utilising Power over Ethernet, the speaker is easy to deploy and manage. Features such as mute and volume are controlled via software.

  • Native IP Device Speakers connect to your IP network.
  • PoE Powered
  • 9 Levels of Audio Priority 
  • Inputs / Outputs for external devices
  • IP Integration

Integrated solution that combines Netgenium’s IP PoE Speaker products and Hikvision’s NVR and CCTV cameras, compatible with Hikvision I series NVR, Hikvision 7300 series DVR, Hikvision 9000 Series DVR

The integration allows pre-recorded audio files stored on the Netgenium IP PoE Speakers to be triggered from events sent across the IP network from the Hikvision NVR.

  • Communication from the NVR to IP PoE Speakers via the IP network
  • Motion detection on CCTV cameras trigger IP Speaker pre-recorded announcements
  • Alarm input on NVR triggers IP PoE Speaker pre-recorded announcements
  • NVR can command single or multiple IP PoE Speakers to play announcements - NVR/Camera schedules can determine the times of day that announcements are played

*Special Firrmware required for integration