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200x Secure Cable Connectors for Cat5 UTP CCTV Video Baluns 2.1mm Power Jacks

£5.10 £4.25
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Cat5 Cat6 UTP Cable Connectors : Ensures a Secure Connection

No More Flimsy wires hanging off the DVR and the Baluns and the Power Jacks
No more intermittent video problems when the cables become loose or are moved! You know what I mean

Included 2 packs  Pack of 100 White + Pack of 100 Blue (Total 200 Connectors)

For terminating wires at the ends of UTP Cat5e or Cat6 and numerous other cables

Very easy to use- ideal to use will all types of baluns and ecetrical connectors

Push the wires into the terminators and either crimp them using our Professional Ratchet Crimp Tool 
OR tighten the balun screws to secure them